I had expected to feel peace now. But, I did not feel anything. I was, quite simply, numb. Do you know that feeling when someone is constantly poking and prodding you and yet you don’t pay attention? That is how I am feeling. I keep waiting for something to happen but nothing would. Suddenly the silence of my surroundings is intruded upon. It is an exciting musical sound and I am extremely startled. The sound is almost magical and I feel my feet itching, tempting me to move. I run towards the sound only to come to a stop a few moments later. Even though I have stopped the sound continues to move towards me. My brain starts sending me mixed signals. It’s telling me to stay put and run the other way at the same time. Before I can make my decision, I am surrounded by different colors. Blue like the blue jays and green like a peridot. Purple like the lavender flowers and yellow like a rubber duck.


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